Wednesday, October 27, 2021

THAT One-of-a-kind Flow!

God is so good!  He proves this constantly all throughout the day...even though HE has nothing to prove!  It is from His grace alone!

"Blessings flow out of Your hand

in ways we cannot know...
mercy, grace and favor from You
have a constant flow!
And, when we are pressed for reason,
it's Your Name that we tell!
Jesus Christ--our Wherewithal--
our spirits would compel!
You even give so much that we
can minister to others;
such to cause them, in YOUR time,
become sisters and brothers!
The favor of You, Lord of all,
it rests so mightily
that, in the world we find ourselves,
but wealthy do we be!

Yea, blessings flow out of You that
may be obtained nowhere,
save in the sanctuary of Your
amazing love and care!
I'm blessed!  We're blessed!  Due only, Lord,
to Your amazing grace
availed through Jesus Christ alone--
not any other place!

Blessings flow out of Your hand...
oh will we ever understand?
But such, it is not meant to be;
YOU ARE The Precious Mystery!"

Savor and enjoy those blessings that abound from only One Place!  For they are gifts and guarantees that time cannot affect!  Jesus Christ alone!

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