Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rewards of 'time'

Afternoon.  Out on the deck again...sitting with God...admiring the mighty works of His hand!  The temperature is perfect, and so is the view...

As afternoon paints shadows on the land,
I visit with the Lord on the divan. 
Though He knows all, He asks about my day,
and listens closely to all that I have to say.
But greater is what He says unto me
as, behold the grand creation, we.
His words and wisdom serve to hasten on
before the beauty of the day is gone.

The trees are tickled by the gentle breeze,
which means the chimes sing out with greatest ease!
And the trials of the day are settled here;
for they become mere 'challenges,' and clear!
As long as I present them to the Lord,
solution, unto them, does He afford!
And that which be too great to understand
He clutches so secure within His hand!

Yes, afternoon, and autumn all around!
Such shades and colors vibrantly abound!
And even subtleties are brought to light,
much to this writer's absolute delight!
Take time, my friend, to note the season's change.
For everything at all does God arrange!
All we must do is make the time to behold,
and Creator God will reward us manifold!

All it takes is 'time.'  So very simple...yet so many people complicate it greatly!  We fill up our schedules with as much as we can to fill the day...while God Himself is trying to do just the opposite: make life more simple so that we can spend more time with Him!


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