Sunday, October 3, 2021


Life.  It is busy with this and that, and it will overtake you IF you allow it!  And, trust me, that is VERY easy to do!

Processes and procedures-

the same affect us all.
Not any of us are immune
from this life's many a call!
And its calls be not necessarily
upon OUR line of time!
"Be ready with a word in season..."
His answer--so sublime!

Complicated, more and more,
so would life seem to be.
More people...more situations...
more 'technology!'
But '..there's nothing new under the sun...'
His Word would yet remind. 
Thus, a greater response FROM US
deep in us must we find!

The answer is not 'lashing out
at what or whom is close!'
Nor is it finding something harmful,
ourselves, for to engross!
The answer is in GOD MOST HIGH,
HIS balance to obtain!
For then, all things fall into place
and, balance, we'll obtain!

Processes and procedures--
life necessities!
For without such, our lives be aimless,
and fruitlessness one sees!
BUT GOD, He has established order
if we but just obey;
HIS balance is like not another,
and perfection will come our way!

Yes, this life's policies and procedures affect us all...until there is no life left in us!  Get used to it!  Find the key in HIM for success to all that arises.  For He knows it all and desires to hear You ask!

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