Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Our times are not our own!

So much to do.  So many places to go, so many people to see.  Are we expected to do it all?  Of course not!  But I know too many who try, and even this writer gets caught up in it at times!  That's when I must pause and remind myself of a few truths...

Waiting in a busy place

while life is passing by?
No, it's just a part of life
that attempts to "try."
In the 'waiting,' in the 'time'
there is so much we gain;
and for them that realize such truth
there is wisdom to obtain!

Of a truth, this life is busy,
and we've gotten used to such!
When there is 'pause,' when there is 'wait,'
it be frustrating, much!
But there is PURPOSE in such time
obtained no other place,
and blessed the ones who grasp this truth--
He honors them with grace!

Instead of listing all that we
could, somewhere else, get done,
let's focus on the wondrous truths
of Jesus Christ the Son!
For He refreshes, He restores
like not another can--
even through the 'rituals'
created by mere man!

Waiting in a busy place
focusing on Jesus' grace
for HE will get us through this time
with blest rewards that are sublime!

Yes, it is a busy world.  And it seems like 'the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!'  Turn it ALL over to God and let HIM rule your schedule.  I promise you, you will get a lot more done with Him in charge!

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