Friday, October 29, 2021

It's Never The Same!

 Aah...morning.  Even before the dogs have attempted to chase the ducks off of the lake!  So peaceful is his creation.  So beautiful and different with each new day!

Savoring the peace
while watching all the geese.
It is that time of year--
they sense that flight is near.
But at THIS time of day,
upon the shores they play.
They are anything but 'stealth,'
and I, I gather wealth
by visiting with God
as their antics we applaud!

The water is so calm
as He combs it with His palm
and we talk about the day,
of issues and things that 'may.'
For HE knows what will be,
but I must wait and see
as I go about here-and-there,
dispensing grace and care.

But that's later.  NOW is peace
as October leaves release
with the hues of nature's quilt--
it is beauty to the hilt!
And the talk we have is life.
It is minus stress and strife.
It is necessary, needed,
and His answers will be heeded
as I meet so many souls
while His will, so well, controls.

Our autumn, morning meetings--
for there be no finer greetings
to the day that comes along;
what a glorious, colorful song!

What a way to prepare for that which awaits: time with God, His creatures and His creation!  And our fellowship always sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Victory is secured!

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