Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's alright to 'relax!'

Aaah...this is wonderful!  Putting ALL things aside and spending time with God.  He is THE Eternal God, but He is also THE God of right now!  What would happen if WE didn't have to have everything at all RIGHT NOW?  Hmm...

The glory and the sanctity of 'now.'
The grace of God alone to so allow!
Were it not for His mercy and His love,
there would not be any 'now' to speak of!
For He created 'now' for oh so many ways;
it has a different reason for all days;
and, for everyone, it means a different thing...
but, that WE know 'now' so gives us cause to sing!
It means that we have life that so abounds,
and we can praise HIM richly on those grounds!
Oh, but He gives us much more cause to sing!
Thus, all the more, to HIM, we tightly cling!

The glory and the sanctity of 'now.'
For 'tomorrow' is not settled by a vow!
(Unless it is in Paradise above,
and such is only sealed by blood and love!)
So STOP!  Just realize the price of 'now!'
You made it safely to THIS point 'somehow!'
Find that reason and seal it for HIS good.
Enjoy the moment...then go do what HE would!

Time.  We do our best to fill it with as much as we can.  We don't have to.  LIFE does that for us!  Should God have His way, we would have perfect balance in our lives.
Can YOU allow that?

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