Monday, October 18, 2021

I Am Assured!

Finally, the end of the day.  And a very busy one it was!  So many folks in line.  Each of them different...yet, in one way, each of them the same.  God, however, knows the heart!

Day is done, and my heart's on
a place where day is not!
For my relationship with Christ
assures I have a spot!
And HIS assurance reaffirms
but all throughout the days,
as I practice His great love
and live in His Own ways!
And oh so many are there that
I face throughout the day
that NEED that blest assurance as
they go upon their way!
I pray that what they see and hear
as we briefly interact
causes them desire HIM
before their final act!

Day is done.  Yet o so many
still be on my heart.
I pray for them as I relax,
that they, too, have a part
in God's eternal Paradise,
and Paradise on earth;
for in HIS eyes, just like THIS man,
they have eternal worth!

That's right: YOU have great worth in the eyes of God.  Man may tell you otherwise.  You may tell you otherwise.  However, truth is, God gave His Own Son so that YOU may have richer life here AND eternal life with Him in Heaven!
Don't let anyone or anything embezzle you out of that!


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