Saturday, October 23, 2021


We live in a world that never stops.  Few even stop to eat.  When they do, some of them take that turn and get into my drive-thru line.  Just for 'food?'

Selling that which satisfies

but all throughout the day.
So very much diversity
comes constantly my way.
Most of them come through the line
expecting luscious food,
yet, on occasion, some come through
to change their attitude.

They know that, if they wait in line,
there is a light ahead.
They may just order coffee, but,
upon them, Light is shed!
For Christ Himself exudes from me,
if I but stay in tune,
following His instructions every
time that We commune!
And, for His glory only, as
move we cars along,
conversing as I take their payment
all the hours long.
We talk and laugh and even pray
when such need arises...
in service to the Most High God
there's little that surprises!

Standing in the window--
'it's my pulpit,' some would say.
So grateful, though, and humble I,
to be part of one's day.
Anything I can provide
to make one's day go better--
I avail myself to such,
not just 'the money-getter!'

'Just a person in a drive-thru window.'  It is a job that ANYONE can do!  But why do some tell me that they drive by other places hoping that THIS MAN is in the window?  It's not me!  It is God alone and His glory exuding from me!

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