Sunday, October 3, 2021

He Has Our Best!

We do our best daily here in the state we find ourselves.  We are not alone as we press on, this we know!  For His promises see to that.  However, there is a time and Place where we will not merely 'do our best,' for we will BE OUR BEST!

Where seasons will have no effect
on bodies or events,
time itself is obsolete,
and NOTHING there prevents!
Heaven--how can ANY grasp
the wonder of life there?
BUT GOD, for He would yet assure
it's NOT like anywhere!!

So we press on, with Christ alive
in all we say and do.
Press on through life this imperfect
until we press through
knowing that which yet awaits
is greater than we can know,
sharing such with all we meet
but everywhere we go!
The triumphs and the 
the problems and the pain,
the situation of the day
are all for Heaven's gain!

A Place that poetry cannot imagine...
a Person that the mind can fathom not...
these await the ones with perseverance,
them that Jesus' Blood has fully bought!
Yearn we so for Paradise awaiting
while pressing on, following His lead.
"One day closer!"  Spirit would remind us.
One day closer--nothing to impede!!

Yes, one day closer to perfection.  A perfection that cannot be known in this life!  Nor can be fully known the glories that God has waiting for us!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!

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