Friday, October 1, 2021

Glorious Focus!

So it is this morning as there be nothing for spending time in HIS Presence with His people!

Focusing the morning on
my Father and His Word;
shutting out the noise and the
events that have occurred.
There is so much of comfort in
the Presence of The One:
God the Father, God the Holy Spirit,
God the Son!
He is the complex, He is
the simple all the same!
The glory and the majesty
just mentioning His Name!
The awe and reverence couple with
excitement, expectation,
as we commune together in
such glorious relation!

So alive--His very Word
in His Presence taken,
securing mercy, grace and love
that CANNOT be forsaken!
Not just a 'weekly rendezvous'
in a building holy,
but necessary...wonderful,
and due with Jesus solely!

Time with God.  Fellowship with those of like mind and heart.  Singing...learning...loving...and ALL ABOUT JESUS!  No greater be there to focus upon!


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