Thursday, October 28, 2021

Essential Fellowship!

Each and every one of us gets up each morning and goes a different direction.  So is His design and His will.  However, there special times throughout our days and weeks when we gather with those of like precious faith.  Those times are absolutely essential!

So refreshing is it when
we gather and agree!
Being with folks of like mind
brings peace and unity!
That does not mean we should avoid
them that think otherwise;
it's but a blessing when 'the peace
of God' so well applies!

So wonderful, that gathering
where stress is not a part!
It is so good for the spirit,
it's so good for the heart!
It is so beneficial as
we meet with other ones,
causing us to so advance
as daughters and as sons;
and even if we don't 'agree,'
we grow in many ways--
we get the benefits of such,
and God, He gets the praise!
He makes us 'individual'
lest 'robots' we become;
and, with Him central in our lives,
remain we ever-plumb!

Yes, so refreshing are those times
we gather and agree.
They may not be too often, but
enjoy them each do we!
And, in those places, we 'recharge'
and press on in the days;
thus garnering His Majesty
and causing Him great praise!

To be perfect in an imperfect world.  It can only be done with Jesus Christ dwelling in the heart!  Yes, His indwelling is quite necessary as we press on in these latter days!  For if WE do not press forward, how will the ones that know Him not yet ever get a glimpse of His wonder?


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