Saturday, October 30, 2021

Deserved Rest!

Time went by fast today.  The restaurant was quite busy, and we did the best we could.  Right now, however, there is precious opportunity to sit back and behold the works of His hand...

Autumn in the afternoon once more.
How many are the colors around four?
Each one set ablaze by setting sun;
I sit back and relax and say "WE WON!"
God's victory has brought me through this day.
He is the Truth, the Life, He is The Way!
And EVERY victory that I understand
can be traced back to His mighty hand!
For the people that I helped receive His aid,
through HIS great generosity I'm paid!
Like with the glorious sights that He created,
and all the many folks we celebrated!

Yes, autumn--oh so subtle...oh so bold...
the perfect 'appetizer' before the cold
of winter that is but two months away;
I take it all in this afternoon as I pray!
For He makes each day to have such variety
that 'boredom' cannot find a place to be!
For all that one must do is look around
and something new is promised to be found!
Even in the many that come our way,
He gives us each a word anew to say!
Avail yourself, therefore, my brother man,
and GOD will use you all the ways He can!

Savoring the glory of afternoon.  After a very busy day ministering to others, God Most High comes and ministers to me.  Yes, EVEN ME!  And so will He do for You if you allow Him the opportunity!  Trust me!


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