Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Constant Good...Hope...ASSURANCE!

There is a Place where nothing bad, painful or illegal is happening.  In fact, this place has been forever, and it is immune from time.  But we have come to take it for granted of late!  THAT is painful!

Angelic Hosts in constant
adoration of The King!
without end, they sing!
Others bowing down before Him
all around the Throne...
someday soon, but all of this,
to OUR eyes, will be known!

Oh see it with me as we press on
in the days that are!
Worshipping our Risen Lord,
and NEVER from afar!
Present in The Presence of
The One Who saves the soul!
Life--it will be perfect there,
and we, 
we shall be whole!
So glorious--the visions and 
the Promises secure

for them that have His Blood applied,
them that shall endure!
"SOON AND VERY SOON!" yet echoes
as I praise His Name!
And as I do He so reminds
of all we have to claim!

HEAVEN!  It so beckons them
with Jesus in our hearts!
That Place where everything is good,
and no one ever parts!
Oh join me in That Perfect Place
when this life is no more!
For such as You and I Great God
created Heaven for!
And He will be there as Recipient
of worthy praise!
O give to Him your heart, my friend,
while yet remain these days!!

Yes, there will be a day ahead when it will be too late for you to decide to follow Jesus Christ.  Please do not find yourself there!  For you have ample time right now to make a conscious decision to follow Christ and ask Him to be the Savior of your soul.  You will not regret it!

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