Sunday, October 31, 2021

Beyond Tradition!

In a foreign place once again.  Sunday morning.  Far from home.  I know that my wife and I can have service right here in the room we are in, but I want to fellowship with like-minded individuals!  Hmm... what to do...

Tradition meets with triumph
as Jesus is involved!
Including Him in all we do
means NOT all things are solved,
but He's inside, about, around
as we go through the day;
thus, at the end, as we reflect,
we clearly see His way!

So great and mighty life becomes
as, with Him, we press on.
The 'welcome wonder' of each day
not ever will be gone.
Because He's newer everyday,
His mercies stay afresh;
and so do we as we press on
and, with Him, so enmesh!

Yea, 'traditions' meet with triumph
when Christ is glorified!
Include Him in your daily deeds,
For you will be victorious
in oh so many ways,
causing you to glory in Him
as HE deserves all praise!

Of late, I have met so many believers from and have even attended what most deem 'traditional'  churches.  They have different ways and procedures than what I learned early on.  However, they also have a heart for God and convictions similar to mine.  Judge not!  For only God knows the complete heart, and I have witnessed that heart in most of the folks I have had the privilege of visiting!
"Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together..."  Hebrews 10:25

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