Sunday, October 31, 2021

Beyond Tradition!

In a foreign place once again.  Sunday morning.  Far from home.  I know that my wife and I can have service right here in the room we are in, but I want to fellowship with like-minded individuals!  Hmm... what to do...

Tradition meets with triumph
as Jesus is involved!
Including Him in all we do
means NOT all things are solved,
but He's inside, about, around
as we go through the day;
thus, at the end, as we reflect,
we clearly see His way!

So great and mighty life becomes
as, with Him, we press on.
The 'welcome wonder' of each day
not ever will be gone.
Because He's newer everyday,
His mercies stay afresh;
and so do we as we press on
and, with Him, so enmesh!

Yea, 'traditions' meet with triumph
when Christ is glorified!
Include Him in your daily deeds,
For you will be victorious
in oh so many ways,
causing you to glory in Him
as HE deserves all praise!

Of late, I have met so many believers from and have even attended what most deem 'traditional'  churches.  They have different ways and procedures than what I learned early on.  However, they also have a heart for God and convictions similar to mine.  Judge not!  For only God knows the complete heart, and I have witnessed that heart in most of the folks I have had the privilege of visiting!
"Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together..."  Hebrews 10:25

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Deserved Rest!

Time went by fast today.  The restaurant was quite busy, and we did the best we could.  Right now, however, there is precious opportunity to sit back and behold the works of His hand...

Autumn in the afternoon once more.
How many are the colors around four?
Each one set ablaze by setting sun;
I sit back and relax and say "WE WON!"
God's victory has brought me through this day.
He is the Truth, the Life, He is The Way!
And EVERY victory that I understand
can be traced back to His mighty hand!
For the people that I helped receive His aid,
through HIS great generosity I'm paid!
Like with the glorious sights that He created,
and all the many folks we celebrated!

Yes, autumn--oh so subtle...oh so bold...
the perfect 'appetizer' before the cold
of winter that is but two months away;
I take it all in this afternoon as I pray!
For He makes each day to have such variety
that 'boredom' cannot find a place to be!
For all that one must do is look around
and something new is promised to be found!
Even in the many that come our way,
He gives us each a word anew to say!
Avail yourself, therefore, my brother man,
and GOD will use you all the ways He can!

Savoring the glory of afternoon.  After a very busy day ministering to others, God Most High comes and ministers to me.  Yes, EVEN ME!  And so will He do for You if you allow Him the opportunity!  Trust me!


Friday, October 29, 2021

It's Never The Same!

 Aah...morning.  Even before the dogs have attempted to chase the ducks off of the lake!  So peaceful is his creation.  So beautiful and different with each new day!

Savoring the peace
while watching all the geese.
It is that time of year--
they sense that flight is near.
But at THIS time of day,
upon the shores they play.
They are anything but 'stealth,'
and I, I gather wealth
by visiting with God
as their antics we applaud!

The water is so calm
as He combs it with His palm
and we talk about the day,
of issues and things that 'may.'
For HE knows what will be,
but I must wait and see
as I go about here-and-there,
dispensing grace and care.

But that's later.  NOW is peace
as October leaves release
with the hues of nature's quilt--
it is beauty to the hilt!
And the talk we have is life.
It is minus stress and strife.
It is necessary, needed,
and His answers will be heeded
as I meet so many souls
while His will, so well, controls.

Our autumn, morning meetings--
for there be no finer greetings
to the day that comes along;
what a glorious, colorful song!

What a way to prepare for that which awaits: time with God, His creatures and His creation!  And our fellowship always sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Victory is secured!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Essential Fellowship!

Each and every one of us gets up each morning and goes a different direction.  So is His design and His will.  However, there special times throughout our days and weeks when we gather with those of like precious faith.  Those times are absolutely essential!

So refreshing is it when
we gather and agree!
Being with folks of like mind
brings peace and unity!
That does not mean we should avoid
them that think otherwise;
it's but a blessing when 'the peace
of God' so well applies!

So wonderful, that gathering
where stress is not a part!
It is so good for the spirit,
it's so good for the heart!
It is so beneficial as
we meet with other ones,
causing us to so advance
as daughters and as sons;
and even if we don't 'agree,'
we grow in many ways--
we get the benefits of such,
and God, He gets the praise!
He makes us 'individual'
lest 'robots' we become;
and, with Him central in our lives,
remain we ever-plumb!

Yes, so refreshing are those times
we gather and agree.
They may not be too often, but
enjoy them each do we!
And, in those places, we 'recharge'
and press on in the days;
thus garnering His Majesty
and causing Him great praise!

To be perfect in an imperfect world.  It can only be done with Jesus Christ dwelling in the heart!  Yes, His indwelling is quite necessary as we press on in these latter days!  For if WE do not press forward, how will the ones that know Him not yet ever get a glimpse of His wonder?


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

THAT One-of-a-kind Flow!

God is so good!  He proves this constantly all throughout the day...even though HE has nothing to prove!  It is from His grace alone!

"Blessings flow out of Your hand

in ways we cannot know...
mercy, grace and favor from You
have a constant flow!
And, when we are pressed for reason,
it's Your Name that we tell!
Jesus Christ--our Wherewithal--
our spirits would compel!
You even give so much that we
can minister to others;
such to cause them, in YOUR time,
become sisters and brothers!
The favor of You, Lord of all,
it rests so mightily
that, in the world we find ourselves,
but wealthy do we be!

Yea, blessings flow out of You that
may be obtained nowhere,
save in the sanctuary of Your
amazing love and care!
I'm blessed!  We're blessed!  Due only, Lord,
to Your amazing grace
availed through Jesus Christ alone--
not any other place!

Blessings flow out of Your hand...
oh will we ever understand?
But such, it is not meant to be;
YOU ARE The Precious Mystery!"

Savor and enjoy those blessings that abound from only One Place!  For they are gifts and guarantees that time cannot affect!  Jesus Christ alone!

Saturday, October 23, 2021


We live in a world that never stops.  Few even stop to eat.  When they do, some of them take that turn and get into my drive-thru line.  Just for 'food?'

Selling that which satisfies

but all throughout the day.
So very much diversity
comes constantly my way.
Most of them come through the line
expecting luscious food,
yet, on occasion, some come through
to change their attitude.

They know that, if they wait in line,
there is a light ahead.
They may just order coffee, but,
upon them, Light is shed!
For Christ Himself exudes from me,
if I but stay in tune,
following His instructions every
time that We commune!
And, for His glory only, as
move we cars along,
conversing as I take their payment
all the hours long.
We talk and laugh and even pray
when such need arises...
in service to the Most High God
there's little that surprises!

Standing in the window--
'it's my pulpit,' some would say.
So grateful, though, and humble I,
to be part of one's day.
Anything I can provide
to make one's day go better--
I avail myself to such,
not just 'the money-getter!'

'Just a person in a drive-thru window.'  It is a job that ANYONE can do!  But why do some tell me that they drive by other places hoping that THIS MAN is in the window?  It's not me!  It is God alone and His glory exuding from me!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time to behold!

The glory and the majesty of October afternoon.  So blue the sky; so many the other colors...on the limbs and on the land!  Have you got a second?

Involved but fully in that 'list'
that's almost everyday;
accomplishing the many things
upon the narrow way;
getting done what I'm assigned
and that to which I'm led;
so very many things are done,
so many things are said.

And then I'm 'captured' by the vision
of the glorious land!
The beauty constantly created
by His mighty hand! 
And steeled is this man in his tracks
as all those things are halted;
I take it in as best I can
and HIS NAME is exalted

That 'list' is briefly set aside 
as glory is beheld!
Life will get done, in its time,
and nothing will be felled.
O but glorious the land upon
this sunny autumn day!
O see it for yourself, my friend,
and send accolades His way!

Seized by the scenery!  Halted by merely noticing the works of His hand!  It happens often, and it is ALWAYS memorable!  See it for yourself, won't you?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's alright to 'relax!'

Aaah...this is wonderful!  Putting ALL things aside and spending time with God.  He is THE Eternal God, but He is also THE God of right now!  What would happen if WE didn't have to have everything at all RIGHT NOW?  Hmm...

The glory and the sanctity of 'now.'
The grace of God alone to so allow!
Were it not for His mercy and His love,
there would not be any 'now' to speak of!
For He created 'now' for oh so many ways;
it has a different reason for all days;
and, for everyone, it means a different thing...
but, that WE know 'now' so gives us cause to sing!
It means that we have life that so abounds,
and we can praise HIM richly on those grounds!
Oh, but He gives us much more cause to sing!
Thus, all the more, to HIM, we tightly cling!

The glory and the sanctity of 'now.'
For 'tomorrow' is not settled by a vow!
(Unless it is in Paradise above,
and such is only sealed by blood and love!)
So STOP!  Just realize the price of 'now!'
You made it safely to THIS point 'somehow!'
Find that reason and seal it for HIS good.
Enjoy the moment...then go do what HE would!

Time.  We do our best to fill it with as much as we can.  We don't have to.  LIFE does that for us!  Should God have His way, we would have perfect balance in our lives.
Can YOU allow that?

The Worth of 'Time'

Time is valuable.  Period!  However, are some times worth more than other times?  Hmm...

The moon is so incredible
above the autumn lake;
I notice as, at end of day,
such precious rest I take.
In the after hours, before
precious sleep is found,
I sit outside, above it all,
and slowly look around.
So brilliant as to so outshine
so very many a star;
even casting shadows of
the images that are!
And seizing me as I unwind
from all that was at last.
Time--I see that, in this place,
it goes not by too fast!
For this is NECESSARY time
to listen and to hear...
to visit with my Father as
He is sojourning here...
to take note of His grand creation
in the shining light
of a late October moon--
so very, very bright!

Time so very necessary,
valuable as well!
Time for no one else but Him--
His Spirit to compel!
Time to be redeemed by Him
as soon as we arrive;
time to grow...time to rest...
time to surely thrive!

Of a truth there are times throughout the day to spend with God, but right now, overlooking the lake, with a full moon illuminating all of His creation, somehow time seems more valuable!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rewards of 'time'

Afternoon.  Out on the deck again...sitting with God...admiring the mighty works of His hand!  The temperature is perfect, and so is the view...

As afternoon paints shadows on the land,
I visit with the Lord on the divan. 
Though He knows all, He asks about my day,
and listens closely to all that I have to say.
But greater is what He says unto me
as, behold the grand creation, we.
His words and wisdom serve to hasten on
before the beauty of the day is gone.

The trees are tickled by the gentle breeze,
which means the chimes sing out with greatest ease!
And the trials of the day are settled here;
for they become mere 'challenges,' and clear!
As long as I present them to the Lord,
solution, unto them, does He afford!
And that which be too great to understand
He clutches so secure within His hand!

Yes, afternoon, and autumn all around!
Such shades and colors vibrantly abound!
And even subtleties are brought to light,
much to this writer's absolute delight!
Take time, my friend, to note the season's change.
For everything at all does God arrange!
All we must do is make the time to behold,
and Creator God will reward us manifold!

All it takes is 'time.'  So very simple...yet so many people complicate it greatly!  We fill up our schedules with as much as we can to fill the day...while God Himself is trying to do just the opposite: make life more simple so that we can spend more time with Him!


Monday, October 18, 2021

I Am Assured!

Finally, the end of the day.  And a very busy one it was!  So many folks in line.  Each of them different...yet, in one way, each of them the same.  God, however, knows the heart!

Day is done, and my heart's on
a place where day is not!
For my relationship with Christ
assures I have a spot!
And HIS assurance reaffirms
but all throughout the days,
as I practice His great love
and live in His Own ways!
And oh so many are there that
I face throughout the day
that NEED that blest assurance as
they go upon their way!
I pray that what they see and hear
as we briefly interact
causes them desire HIM
before their final act!

Day is done.  Yet o so many
still be on my heart.
I pray for them as I relax,
that they, too, have a part
in God's eternal Paradise,
and Paradise on earth;
for in HIS eyes, just like THIS man,
they have eternal worth!

That's right: YOU have great worth in the eyes of God.  Man may tell you otherwise.  You may tell you otherwise.  However, truth is, God gave His Own Son so that YOU may have richer life here AND eternal life with Him in Heaven!
Don't let anyone or anything embezzle you out of that!


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Constant Good...Hope...ASSURANCE!

There is a Place where nothing bad, painful or illegal is happening.  In fact, this place has been forever, and it is immune from time.  But we have come to take it for granted of late!  THAT is painful!

Angelic Hosts in constant
adoration of The King!
without end, they sing!
Others bowing down before Him
all around the Throne...
someday soon, but all of this,
to OUR eyes, will be known!

Oh see it with me as we press on
in the days that are!
Worshipping our Risen Lord,
and NEVER from afar!
Present in The Presence of
The One Who saves the soul!
Life--it will be perfect there,
and we, 
we shall be whole!
So glorious--the visions and 
the Promises secure

for them that have His Blood applied,
them that shall endure!
"SOON AND VERY SOON!" yet echoes
as I praise His Name!
And as I do He so reminds
of all we have to claim!

HEAVEN!  It so beckons them
with Jesus in our hearts!
That Place where everything is good,
and no one ever parts!
Oh join me in That Perfect Place
when this life is no more!
For such as You and I Great God
created Heaven for!
And He will be there as Recipient
of worthy praise!
O give to Him your heart, my friend,
while yet remain these days!!

Yes, there will be a day ahead when it will be too late for you to decide to follow Jesus Christ.  Please do not find yourself there!  For you have ample time right now to make a conscious decision to follow Christ and ask Him to be the Savior of your soul.  You will not regret it!

Our times are not our own!

So much to do.  So many places to go, so many people to see.  Are we expected to do it all?  Of course not!  But I know too many who try, and even this writer gets caught up in it at times!  That's when I must pause and remind myself of a few truths...

Waiting in a busy place

while life is passing by?
No, it's just a part of life
that attempts to "try."
In the 'waiting,' in the 'time'
there is so much we gain;
and for them that realize such truth
there is wisdom to obtain!

Of a truth, this life is busy,
and we've gotten used to such!
When there is 'pause,' when there is 'wait,'
it be frustrating, much!
But there is PURPOSE in such time
obtained no other place,
and blessed the ones who grasp this truth--
He honors them with grace!

Instead of listing all that we
could, somewhere else, get done,
let's focus on the wondrous truths
of Jesus Christ the Son!
For He refreshes, He restores
like not another can--
even through the 'rituals'
created by mere man!

Waiting in a busy place
focusing on Jesus' grace
for HE will get us through this time
with blest rewards that are sublime!

Yes, it is a busy world.  And it seems like 'the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!'  Turn it ALL over to God and let HIM rule your schedule.  I promise you, you will get a lot more done with Him in charge!

Sunday, October 3, 2021


Life.  It is busy with this and that, and it will overtake you IF you allow it!  And, trust me, that is VERY easy to do!

Processes and procedures-

the same affect us all.
Not any of us are immune
from this life's many a call!
And its calls be not necessarily
upon OUR line of time!
"Be ready with a word in season..."
His answer--so sublime!

Complicated, more and more,
so would life seem to be.
More people...more situations...
more 'technology!'
But '..there's nothing new under the sun...'
His Word would yet remind. 
Thus, a greater response FROM US
deep in us must we find!

The answer is not 'lashing out
at what or whom is close!'
Nor is it finding something harmful,
ourselves, for to engross!
The answer is in GOD MOST HIGH,
HIS balance to obtain!
For then, all things fall into place
and, balance, we'll obtain!

Processes and procedures--
life necessities!
For without such, our lives be aimless,
and fruitlessness one sees!
BUT GOD, He has established order
if we but just obey;
HIS balance is like not another,
and perfection will come our way!

Yes, this life's policies and procedures affect us all...until there is no life left in us!  Get used to it!  Find the key in HIM for success to all that arises.  For He knows it all and desires to hear You ask!

He Has Our Best!

We do our best daily here in the state we find ourselves.  We are not alone as we press on, this we know!  For His promises see to that.  However, there is a time and Place where we will not merely 'do our best,' for we will BE OUR BEST!

Where seasons will have no effect
on bodies or events,
time itself is obsolete,
and NOTHING there prevents!
Heaven--how can ANY grasp
the wonder of life there?
BUT GOD, for He would yet assure
it's NOT like anywhere!!

So we press on, with Christ alive
in all we say and do.
Press on through life this imperfect
until we press through
knowing that which yet awaits
is greater than we can know,
sharing such with all we meet
but everywhere we go!
The triumphs and the 
the problems and the pain,
the situation of the day
are all for Heaven's gain!

A Place that poetry cannot imagine...
a Person that the mind can fathom not...
these await the ones with perseverance,
them that Jesus' Blood has fully bought!
Yearn we so for Paradise awaiting
while pressing on, following His lead.
"One day closer!"  Spirit would remind us.
One day closer--nothing to impede!!

Yes, one day closer to perfection.  A perfection that cannot be known in this life!  Nor can be fully known the glories that God has waiting for us!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!

Friday, October 1, 2021

Glorious Focus!

So it is this morning as there be nothing for spending time in HIS Presence with His people!

Focusing the morning on
my Father and His Word;
shutting out the noise and the
events that have occurred.
There is so much of comfort in
the Presence of The One:
God the Father, God the Holy Spirit,
God the Son!
He is the complex, He is
the simple all the same!
The glory and the majesty
just mentioning His Name!
The awe and reverence couple with
excitement, expectation,
as we commune together in
such glorious relation!

So alive--His very Word
in His Presence taken,
securing mercy, grace and love
that CANNOT be forsaken!
Not just a 'weekly rendezvous'
in a building holy,
but necessary...wonderful,
and due with Jesus solely!

Time with God.  Fellowship with those of like mind and heart.  Singing...learning...loving...and ALL ABOUT JESUS!  No greater be there to focus upon!