Sunday, September 26, 2021

You just have to look!

Sunday afternoon.  The breeze is so gentle as I get my pen and pad and go outside.  As the birds sing, I take in the scenery and write as I am instructed...

The Father is so generous;

my God, He is so good!
He made this day so beautiful,
like not another could!
The majesty of everything
right now within the sight;
I thank Him as I walk with Him;
He says "It's My delight!"

The bright sun sets the trees aglow,
the trees of every kind...
the sky--it is so very blue,
with not a cloud to find...
and the mountains all around,
majestic and so clear;
exhibiting the spectrum wide,
imposing and austere!

Creator God, so generous
upon this afternoon,
presenting His Own handiwork
to make the viewer swoon
as He does but every day
out of abundant grace!
Look around YOU where YOU are
and so behold His face!

It is settled truth: one does not have to look very far to behold the glory of God!  From the majestic to the simple, His touch is evident everywhere.
What are YOU looking for?

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