Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Where is TRUE wealth?

Happy.  Satisfied.  Content.  These are such wonderful things to enjoy!  There are, however, specific warnings about being 'content,' but that's not what I am referring to now.  I am merely glorifying God for His ability to keep His Own abundantly joyful!

I have enough that I can go and share.
I see too many others who just don't care!
I know that where I go and what I give
will minister to them and help them live.
Am I a millionaire with pockets deep?
No!  But what I sow I'll also reap!
These principles discuss we, He and I,
Jesus Christ, Son of God, God Most High.
We converse at length as we enjoy the view:
the rolling hills and forest--changing hue.
As He commands the autumn to advance,
a thousand trees begin to gently dance,
displaying, of the spectrum, warmer shades;
His long-established order as year fades.

Wealthy? Rich?  Yes...but not what MAN thinks!
With those words, oh too many miss the links!
And 'money' is not ALWAYS what some need;
we learn this more and more as, God, we heed!
Sometimes, the greatest gift to give is 'time.'
To 'listen' to another heart--THAT is quite prime!
'Wealthy,' of a truth, this writer surely be
in that God Himself walks and talks with me!
And THAT'S a wealth that, so freely, I can share
with any life, any situation or affair!
For it's a 'wealth' that cannot be earned or bought.
For only time with God Himself avails such lot!
And it's a 'wealth' that THIS world is starving for.
Therefore, each day, before I walk out that door,
I avail myself fully for Jesus' use.
Thus, at the end of the day, I am without excuse.

Each and every one of us has something that God has placed exclusively inside of us.  None of us be the same in His eyes, that's why He reaches us in so many ways.  That's why He uses so many different people in His service.  YOU are one of them.  I am one of them.  We are all ONE in HIM and, with each of us doing our part, we can ALL savor the happiness, satisfaction and contentment that matter most!

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