Wednesday, September 15, 2021


The morning is moving along.  I have a list of all that needs to get accomplished, and then...

The phone rings.  What do they want NOW?
I thought we settled this!
Should I answer?  The end of the game
I know that I will miss!
It's probably something they misplaced
or an unimportant query;
Whenever THEY call, to respond,
this man has become wary.
But then it hits me like a brick:
For God, He drops most anything
for such as me and you!
There's not a thing at all that He
won't listen to and respond,
and He desires that you and I
develop such a bond!
Regardless who it is or what
they want or they require,
in well-doing He desires
that we should NEVER tire!

"Be weary not in such," says He,
regardless who may call.
He will return a multitude
whenever we give our all!

Yes, that phone rings...the doorbell rings...we get a letter in the mail...even Holy Spirit spurs us on to do the good things that are expected of a Christian.  And doing such comes not without reward!  NEVER grow weary in well-doing,' says His Word.  For we are ASSURED that ALL that we do in His Name will not go unnoticed by Him, and recompense WILL BE eventually.  Keep pressing on, my brothers and sisters!


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