Wednesday, September 15, 2021

'TRULY Make us ONE, oh God!'

Comfortable.  We are comfortable with our faith, our church, our jobs and our homes.  Or is that 'comfort' just a façade?  Hmm... 

"We are one in the bond of love..."

we have sung these words for years.
A heart's desire of the greatest...
a term that so endears!
So noble a desire, yes;
what benefits to reap!
And, in the eye of God Most High,
'tis a vow that ALL should keep!
But just how many truly WANT
for God to make us 'one?'
Just look at the destruction in
our lifetime that's been done!
We sing and say these words, but do
our DEEDS reflect the same?
For even some events of late
have fostered hate and shame!

'One in the bond of love' say I
as I stand on your neck?
'We are equal...' 'We are brothers...'
as I drive by your wreck!
'YOU have accomplished more!' say I
as I receive the prize...
all the while, tears are welling
in God the Father's eyes!

It's NOT the color of your skin,
it's the condition of MY heart!
It's NOT '...but we've grown up that way...'
for we can ALWAYS start!
And it's a CHOICE for to desire
'one in the bond of love!'
But it can only be obtained
through Christ within and above!!

"'The color of the skin--'
oh Father, make me blind
that, freedom from MY prejudices,
at last I truly find!"

Introspection is always painful.  Acknowledging shortcomings is not in our nature, but it is necessary!  And it is the first step to progress and victory.
Is there anything going on in YOUR heart that needs to be dealt with?  You'll never know TRUE peace until you do.

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