Friday, September 3, 2021

The View Anew

No matter what day it matter where life is happening, God is fully involved.  Blessed are those who realize this and recognize Him! 

Looking at creation

from the secret place;
beholding His great artwork
anew and filled with grace!
The silence of this holy place
with oh so much in sight,
so captivates the eyes and fills
the heart with great delight!

The vistas and the valleys...
majestic peaks afar...
the animals...the clear, blue sky,
so glorious they are!
And God beholds them with me as
we visit and converse--
He is the mighty Maker of
this massive universe!
Too, He is the listener
to each and every care
that may be on my heart as He
encourages me to share!
The One Who's higher, greater than
whatever be in life
desires input from me, be it
ecstasy or strife!

Yes, that's the Living God I know--
He's with me all the time.
For He creates the days that are
and makes each one sublime!
Even those that some may choose
to not recall at all;
yea, the Maker, He's a Friend of mine
and, ever, is on call!

Always with me.  Always creating something new to behold.  Always taking care of that which is going on in this life--loving, Father God!

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