Wednesday, September 29, 2021

THE Power and Glory! day begins, God is already at it in the sights, the scents and the sounds.  I know, already, that He will be 'at it' when I leave the house to do that which He calls me to do.  First, though, I will enjoy His company and His creation...

His power and His glory-
they greet me as I rise.
His artistry and majesty
are written across the skies;
And His Presence is in front of me
as I open up His Word;
talk and fellowship, so
intimately is occurred.

Before the day begins, He says
"What can I do for you?"
As He is able to do that 
which no one else can do!
His works and His abilities
are oh so high above,
and done out of a balance of
His power and His love.

His power and the glory, oh,
begins the day.
For I know that He will be with me
each step along the way;
but, first thing is so special
in His Presence, one-on-one;
I treasure so because I know
all other will get done!

Yes, the power and the glory,
with me and on display
everywhere I cast mine eye
upon this glorious day!
Life awaits.  But Life is now!
All else can stay aside
as, in the holiness of morning,
God and I abide!

The power and the glory of God.  There is no other!  And He grants us that power and glory to get us through our day when we go to Him!  In the days that are, such is an absolute necessity!

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