Friday, September 17, 2021

The Deadly Cycle

A very busy, intricate, and diverse world we live in.  To truly appreciate the glory of it, perhaps we must step back from our focus to obtain HIS 'bigger picture?'

Looking out across the land--
such glory set aglow;
it cloaks the vast activities
happening below!
Looking at the mass of people--
hard to tell apart--
almost impossible, as well,
to know what's in the heart.

The heart, however, is revealed
in deed.
And, in some cases, those contents
make other hearts to bleed!
The more advanced that life becomes,
the more 'advanced,' the heart?
'Why, then, oh Lord my God, do we
grow more and more apart?'

Why is my worth determined solely,
Lord, upon my 'race?'
Or on the color of my skin?
Have we abandoned 'grace?'
With every week that seems to pass,
the headlines grow more bold,
emphasizing truth that, hearts,
would seem to grow more cold!
Making strong the point that 
"I am better than you are,"
when God would have our 'attitudes'
the other way so far!!

Looking out across the land,
the colors harmonize,
providing awe and spectacle
unto the very eyes!
Why can't the same be true of us
as sister and as brother?
For in GOD'S economy, NO ONE
is better than another!

God's Economy.  Far greater, deeper and more valuable than we can fathom.  Yet, in His economy, we are all equal.  Why is that so hard for us to grasp in THIS life?  Too many people use too many factors as they assess one another.  We must unlearn THAT ritual to truly unlock all that God has for us!


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