Tuesday, September 7, 2021

That Place of Necessity!

Done for the day once again.  I know exactly where to go!  Sometimes, however, it doesn't wait until 'end of day.'  Them that be open to the moving of Holy Spirit know this truth!

Escaping to that wondrous place
where 'peace' is to abound.
After 'business' is wrapped up,
serenity is found!
It's not just a 'location,'
it isn't just a 'time,'
it is the Presence of the Lord--
moments oh so prime!
And it only takes my presence and
for Jesus Christ Himself to come
spend priceless time with me!
Not ever is the 'every day'
with His invitation;
always is it special with
His precious revelation!

That blest escape--wherever and
at any time at all.
God Most High avails it it unto
them that heed the Call!
Because He knows how necessary
be such time and place;
enjoy each moment of it. 
It's a product of His Grace!

Yes, that place and time with Jesus Christ is so necessary in each life in each day!  Make sure YOU avail yourself to Him when He calls.  It is beautiful.  It is rejuvenating.  It is life-changing!  DON'T MISS IT!


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