Saturday, September 25, 2021


That name may not mean very much to many, but it means love, life and so much more to so many that it be impossible for man to count.  If you are one of those fortunate, join me in dedicating these words to her...

'Mother'--o the memories
evoked by that one word!
So very many precious thoughts
about events occurred!
NOW to mean not anything
because she has been gone?

NEVER!!  For 'mother,' she be precious
yet as the years go on!
And precious be the photographs,
the talents and the skills
that the priceless time with her,
but to this day, instills!

Compassion and integrity
I gleaned from her career
of a working mom and wife
year after year after year!
From housewife to a millionaire,
to caretaker of dad,
even to those final moments
on the phone we had!
'Mother' is a wealth of knowledge 
and experience
I yet take of and utilize
these far from thence!

'Mother,' she be on my heart
this evening as I write,
as God reminds me of so much
her passions did ignite!
And so I dedicate these words
to that so priceless gift
that countless folks knew as 'Ouita,'
MY mom--our hearts to lift!

This I DO know: Ouita touched more hearts than man can know, and her effect upon some of our lives will NEVER have an end!
"I love you, Mother!  We will see you again someday soon!
With all my heart, 
Love, Jimmy."


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