Saturday, September 11, 2021

NEVER 'Just a job!'

Day is done.  Success.  So very much went on today.  So very many folks encountered this man ever so briefly.  What did they see?  What did they hear?  Did it have any affect on them?  I KNOW the assurances I have!

Whispers play so gently with
the chimes out in the trees...
aromas from the blossoms, they
are carried in the breeze...
labor, once again, to cease
there in that special place;
others carry on the torch
as, afternoon, I face.
The gamut of emotion saw I
through my shift today,
but this I know: a glimpse of
Jesus Christ the Lord had they!
For He escorts me everywhere,
alive--within, without.
For no one that I saw today
can say they were without;
and now, it's up to each of them
to ponder and decide;
I pray my interaction with them
helps them to decide!
For I KNOW that Jesus was displayed
the very best I could
and, seeking Him as their own Savior,
pray I that they would!

God knows the heart--they know The Truth,
now each of them must choose.
And me?  Well, now I relax
so tomorrow He can use!

Thank God I have a job!  Thank God I have THE job that I have!  I have opportunity for several hours throughout the day to minister to people...whether they realize it or not!  I DO know, however, that God uses the words I use to reach others...even though some feel 'it's just a transaction!'


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