Tuesday, September 21, 2021

More Hiccups

' All set and ready to go.'  So we have been for almost a year with some legal things that must be taken care.  Then Covid hits...then a judge must recuse himself because I serve him lunch every day...then_______________, you name it.
BUT GOD knows the when and what will be, so that is what we MUST cling to!

Schedules are set in stone
when God's agenda stays,
but schedules get flexible
when man inserts his ways!
The days and times that are be busy,
and more so as time passes--
thus causing issues and elements,
and stress, it thus amasses!

BUT GOD, but God is in control
regardless of THIS life.
He is above confusion, yes,
He is above all strife;
and He can stabilize this life
regardless what 'man' does.
He is the God of what will be,
what is and that which was!

So give to Him YOUR schedule
and let His wise arrange!
He will see to your every move
REGARDLESS of the change!
He is all wise, and His great ways,
they are above our ways;
trust in Him completely, friend,
and He will cause you praise!

After being postponed for almost a year, we got our court date today to settle a matter.  We got there first thing this morning when we were told to.  We waited for a few hours, then our attorney told us it was going to be awhile, to come back at 1:00.  We did so...only to be informed that they could not get to our trial today, and he will update us about when they could.
Life is frustrating at times, but it is still worth living!  Situations and people may infuriate us, but we are STILL victorious, and we KNOW that God will see to it that this (and all other things,) get settled!

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