Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Look for Him!

The speed of life.  All of us are fully involved in it, and I know some that are quite fed up with it!  It IS a "ME! ME! ME!" world we live in, but if we shift focus just a tad, there is a quite beautiful place to behold!

The spectacle and awe of Jesus
all throughout the day!
He's always here, but He leaves 'proof'
somewhere along the way!
One never knows the 'time' of such
or form that it may take,
oh, but every time it happens it
is a most welcome break!!

It may happen as those mighty peaks
reach out and catch the eye...
it may happen when that 'macho' person
helps some little guy...
it may happen when that one in line
pays someone else's bill...
it happens constantly and,
when it's noticed, it's a thrill!!

Yes, the spectacle and awe of Jesus
as we go along.
It turns our heads awhile away
from everything that's wrong
and minds us that, here in THIS place,
there yet be plenty 'good!'
Oh keep your eyes out for The Lord--
come close to YOU, He could!

Yes, this life is busy, this life is noisy, this life can be rough, but this life also contains a constancy of The Presence of God!  What are YOU busy looking for?


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