Sunday, September 12, 2021

Life so full!

Late afternoon out back.  I took care of what had to be done at the restaurant and then left it in capable hands.  Now, to relax and enjoy the show...

The chattering of squirrels on high-

they scurry tree-to-tree;
not even coming near the ground,
the dogs bark crazily!
They've figure out a way to go
across the property
just by going limb-to limb,
it is their liberty!
The dogs do not appreciate
the feeders all around
that I attempt to keep so full
so nourishment be found.
They fascinate with antics and
they entertain us so;
providing such a freedom show
that we have come to know!

Another day of simple pleasures
costing almost nil.
I will enjoy these gifts from God
but everyday until
I hear the call of their Creator
calling me above,
enjoying all of His creations
I've come to know and love!

Yes, enjoying His show of squirrels as the sun goes down.  Intermission be a dozen hummingbirds displaying their acrobatics!  All of it be narrated by the beautiful and diverse song of birds in the birdbaths and at the other feeders.
Life so simple.  Life so beautiful.  Life so full!

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