Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Keeping your word.  What significance does that have in YOUR life.  In this day and age, it would seem that it is not very high on some folks' list.  On GOD'S list, however, it holds quite a bit of importance!

You told me you would be here when
we spoke just days ago...
we laughed and cried and reminisced
about the years we know!
We've been there for each other as
a 'friendship' has us bound,
today is came and went...
YOU were nowhere around!

When we say "We need each other" it
could mean so many things;
most of all, the bond of support
that such 'presence' brings!
Today was quite important, yet
I stood there, quite alone;
I could have used your company
but I was on my own.

In this day and age, there are
so many ways to talk:
a call, an email or a text,
and yet you chose to balk?
Mine outreach went unanswered, save
the ones to God Most High;
He escorted me to that place
and He stayed with me nigh!

All these are words I hear from many
in the times that are.
We fill our days with so much that,
'friendships,' become afar!
"I'll visit you when I have time..."
the catchphrase of the day.
Even in a pandemic, there
must be a better way!

Keeping our word.  It is a true sign of being a child of God, but it has become so flippant of late!  Some of us say something just to appease someone.  THAT SHOULD NOT BE!!  Even God's Word says it is better NOT to give your word than to give your word and not follow through on it! 
When will we learn?


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