Tuesday, September 7, 2021

In The Mist

Fresh coffee.  Out underneath the roof on the deck.  The temperature is perfect...for now!  And the Company here is like no other...

So early in the mist
Three Presences exist!
And, yet, They All are One,
so perplexing everyone!
The Father, Son and Spirit
all join me now to hear it:
the coming storm and rain--
what spectacle to gain!

And as the storm takes shape
the senses are agape
at creation--it reacts,
so, with my Father, I relax
and listen...watch...and learn,
His mighty Presence I discern!
I rearrange the day
while I hear Him and I pray!

The lands, with joy, cry out...
the trees, they dance about...
even the birds and fowl
flay their wings without a towel
taking His water in
as, so dry of late, it's been!
And creation, in all it's form,
rejoices in the early storm!

So early in the mist
Three Presences exist.
I fellowship with each One
as I rejoice with The Son!

Regardless of the kind of day it is, Jesus is available and on call to be with you!  Just speak out His Name and He will be right there, to go through whatever is going on in your life!


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