Monday, September 27, 2021


I am the employer.  I will hire seven people today, give them a time to return for orientation, and be fortunate if three of them show up!!  It's been that way for over a year now!  WHAT HAPPENED?!  I watch the news and see the reports of people claiming that there are no jobs.  There are plenty of jobs around here, but no one WANTS to work!  I don't understand...

The heart of man, so evident,
though he may want it not!
For by the works and words of him,
one knows the true heart thought!
It only takes a moment with
some people for to know
if goodness be contained within,
and if they'll stay or go.

'Integrity' for to become,
(with every passing day,)
a trait that be so very rare
in them that come our way.
And those of us in leadership
must ever be aware
for to retain the 'quality'
of staff for which we care!

Take care, therefore, to seek the heart
of them you come to know.
I promise you that, by their works,
the heart itself will show!
A principle He focused on
back in His Living Word,
and a crucial key for
victory to be occurred!

As time goes by, it seems that 'integrity' and 'quality' become less and less a part of a person's makeup.  Just ask any employer you know, especially in the days that are.  
For it is all the more important for the Christian to display Christ-like behavior and work ethics that are above reproach!


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