Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Once again, the tasks for the day have been accomplished...victoriously...thanks to God Most High!  I take the dogs out back and behold the relaxing glory of creation...

In the haze of afternoon
the quiet overtakes;
the songbirds even hush as I
look out across the lakes;
even in the eerie haze
it takes the breath away,
and the life of labors comes
to end for one more day.

Just the sound of gentle breeze
that whispers through the pines--
oh so faintly to the ear
it whistles and it whines;
a melody relaxing,
a hymn so very calm,
reassuring that this life
is in Creator's palm!

Hazy is the afternoon
with all of chores complete.
My Friend God and His creation,
peace and quiet, secrete!
Just our voices punctuate
the vastness that we see,
save the melody upon the wing

Yes, even in the haze that is aloft this afternoon, there is so much wonder and glory to behold!  I do so from the deck, out across the hills and valleys that He created for us by hand!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!

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