Thursday, September 2, 2021

Greater than 'time!'

So is God as we tarry in this world.  The splendor and the glory of His creation is set before us to enjoy as we get done what we must, but He is already waiting with us at the end of those tasks.  Can YOU understand this?!

The splendor and the glory of
the morning as it breaks!
I catch a glimpse of it in scurry
and I hit the brakes!
What is pressing is not so
I cannot stop and see;
I do so for a moment as
He stops and welcomes me!
He knows how many tasks and deeds
that I have on the slate,
but, if I make the time for Him,
He helps--He is so great!
Already, He's tomorrow from now
with me in sweet devotion!
Already, this days' jobs are done,
and He sees my promotion!

Almighty God, with brush in hand,
creating one more day,
stops momentarily to hear
what this man has to say!
Who am I, that I deserve
such elevated place?
I am no more than YOU, my friend,
He does this out of GRACE!

Because He is immune from time, He already knows the successes of tomorrow and is ready to celebrate with us!  Are YOU set for such?  You can be if you are born again!  For His ways and His times are far greater than those of this world and, belonging to Him, you can have His confidence at all times!


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