Monday, September 13, 2021

God's Provision

His provision.  Every time we expect it to come a certain way, He surprises us!  Every time I look for it to come from somewhere, it comes from somewhere else!  My faithful, UNPREDICTABLE God!

"Who could know the scope of Your provision?
How many of the sources can we name?
When we are looking for a certain bounty,
You find another source that we may claim!!
It really shouldn't be to us surprising,
as the truth remains: You own it all!
Oh, but ever-pleasant Your surprises
come to us as we carry out Your Call!"

A handshake somewhere in the day occurs
as I accomplish that which I'm assigned;
this time, though, the hand, it is not empty,
it contains a gift from Him as He's designed!
The amount, it ever is determined
by Powers that are greater than my own,
but it is ALWAYS what is necessary--
sometimes, even before the need is known!

Yes, His provision--it is always perfect.
We press on always, giving, trusting ever,
and KNOWING that said Source, Great God Almighty--
it is a flow that NOT A THING will sever!
Save to be grateful, praising Him unending,
regardless of the way that things appear.
For He will NEVER leave us or abandon;
now and forever is He always near!

God Provides.  I gave up years ago trying to figure out how.  Now, I relax and marvel at His ways of doing such!  Always faithful...yet never the same!  That's my Provider God!

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