Friday, September 24, 2021

Glorious Performances!

The daily performance.  At any time of day, at any location you find yourself...IF you are paying attention!

Subtleties in silence?
No! No!  Just tune the ear!
The song of joy upon the wing
is easy for to hear!
They are singing as they gather
on branch and on the ground;
no artist be alive to
duplicate that wondrous sound!

Every time I walk this land
it is a different place!
He changes not--yet never is
the same due His great grace!
He's newer every day, He is,
and it is to our loss
if WE do not see something new
while working toward The Cross!

And this day there are little birds
of color I've not seen!
They dine upon the feeders, each
a shade of yellow-green!
And their song, it brings a song
out of the depths of me
as God and I walk ever slowly
'neath every kind of tree!

Subtle?  Maybe to some.  To others, unnoticed at all!  However, it is glorious and they have no idea the blessings that they are missing!  See and hear it for yourself, my friend.  A fresh performance each and every day, orchestrated by God Most High!

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