Thursday, September 30, 2021

Everlasting Hope!

You turn on the morning news.  Same thing.  Different day.  And the same plight seems to affect every one of us.  Not one of us is immune from 'the daily grind.'  BUT GOD provides hope, assurance and relief as we cling to Him!

In panic or in peril,
in chaos or in calm,
in spite of word or action,
God holds us in His palm!
Life--it varies so each day,
even hour-by-hour;
but regardless what life contains,
HE still remains in power!

So belong to Him regardless!
He is and He will be!
No situation changes Him,
He is eternity!
And you can trust Him and depend,
regardless of the day;
for He is your security
in every single way!

So fear not!  Press on with purpose
knowing God's already there.
It matters not the 'who,' 'the what,'
it matters not the 'where!'
If you belong unto The One
Who knows but everything,
rest assured that, to His glory,
He, your soul, will bring! 

Once again, (or should I say 'still,') life happens in such a way that tries to throw us for a loop.  BUT GOD is fully aware and completely in control.  Not a leader...not a 'party...' not anything but God!  

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