Tuesday, September 28, 2021

During and enduring!

The days that are get more and more busy.  You are aware of it.  I am aware of it.  And, praise God, HE is aware of it!  Therefore He provides points throughout the day for each of us to pause and savor His Presence...

Even when the noises drown
in the busyness of town,
or even in the solitude,
His great embrace, it does include!
For He includes us in His care.
His goodness and His blessings share!
It is a concord oh so rare
of which there's nothing to compare!

Yea, in this life and in this living,
so many gifts and blessings giving
is the Great and Loving God--
Him Who, our lives, does applaud!
His sees the deeds you take care of
without a motive, save pure love...
He sees what not another can,
and gives reward far more than man!

Yes, in the quiet, in the calm,
in the security of His palm
we rest, (when we can find time to,)
and, there, His touch, it does renew!
So work ye all as best you can
regardless of the view of man
knowing GOD is your Reward--
if Jesus Christ, He is your Lord!

The day is filled with so many things.  Some of us fill it with more than we should, but God adjures us to have balance.  Though such may not always be possible, His great care for us and His refreshment is like none other.
Know Jesus as Your Lord, and know that perfect balance availed through the hand of God!

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