Friday, September 10, 2021


It's amazing how events of life affect our 'definitions' of what we have believed and clung to for so long.  THANK YOU to everyone that the following words pertain to...

The definition of 'hero,' 

it's been redefined at length:
references to bravery,
generosity and strength...
feats of super-humanness
may also come to mind...
yet, in the same, the meek and calm
we'd also come to find.
And ALL of these would tie together
marking a certain date,
a day that changed the course of life--
thus we commemorate
the 'HEROES' that awful day
of twenty years ago,
when COWARDICE caused headlines,
causing true heroes to show!
We saw heroes driving fire trucks
doing what they could...
we say heroes dressed in finest blues
trying to create 'good...'
we saw heroes wearing uniforms
answering the call...
and heroes manning hospitals
taking care of all!!

Yes, that 'yesterday' so long ago
so changed our ways of life!
It gave new definition to
the adage 'daily strife!'
And woke us to a new appreciation
for each other--
no longer 'blood' to be defining
who is 'sister,' who is 'brother!'
And greater to appreciate
any and all called 'friend!'
That day for to cement the fact
that, such ties, WILL NOT END!

A brand new way to look at life,
as so much death was seen.
A new awakening to God,
afar from mere 'routine!'
And still to keep appreciation
in the truest heart
of the freedoms that we enjoy,
and pray will not depart!

These words are for each and every one of us affected by 9/11.  Words of gratitude.  Words of solace.  Words of encouragement.  Words of hope.  Let not the cowardice acts of a handful taint the goodness that dwells inside the true heart, wherein lies greatness that has happened and greatness that is yet to be!

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