Saturday, September 4, 2021

Compassionate King!

Ahh...finally.  Time to spend with God Most High.  Life interrupted us earlier, but right now there is perfect peace, and I know Who to call on!

Subtleties in silence

without the winds before.
There be no sounds that would detract
from what I've come here for.
The Presence of Creator God
fills this majestic place;
I look back on today's assignments
as I seek His face.
Along with all that did get done
He filled my heart with joy!
He also gave compassion tools
that I put in employ.
And He so gave a vast amount
of love for me to give--
that most precious element
that ALL souls need to live!

He knew that I would need those gifts
for this most busy place!
But at THIS time, I need His love,
affection and His face!
Our daily meeting is essential
for success to be,
and for the peace and comforting
to fill the man that's me!

And, in the subtleties of right now,
all of these abound!
Even when the silence is,
His voice is all around!
Our conversation is pure life
in all that's going on!
I treasure so this time with Him
before the day is gone!

Time with Jesus Christ alone.  Some would argue it should be the first thing you do upon rising.  Sometimes, the telephone starts the day BEFORE you arise, and you get going as fast as you can.  I am so thankful to belong to a God Who understands that, and escorts you through the day anyway!

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