Sunday, September 5, 2021

Ah, That Perfect Love!!

The love of God.

It is a gift that that is greater than anything man or history can imagine.  And yet some still take it for granted...IF they even believe it at all!!  Trust me, friend, it is real.  It is necessary.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Ah Lord God, we celebrate You!
There is none like You!
None other matching Who You are...
now do what You can do!
You are so far superior,
yet You love such as we?!
Ah, Lord God, we revel in
Your love and majesty!

Jesus Christ, Almighty God,
One and only One!
Securing our security,
You say "It is done!"
None other with abilities
to meet the needs we know...
none other with the kind of gifts
that, freely, You bestow!

None other--only God alone
with unfettered love!
You even loved each one of us
before we had knowledge of!"
Loved by Him above all else--
so fortunate we be!
Take of His love in grace, my friend,
while 'choice' remains so free!!

"Yea, Lord God, we celebrate You,
no one else at all!
Grateful and so fortunate we
to receive Your Call!
Press on we then with such assurance
that we are Your Own!
Yea, may Your love so emanate that,
by others, it be known!!"

No man knows the time, the day, the hour that this incredible offer will be be rescinded!  Take of His love right now, my friend!  It will be a decision that you will NEVER regret!  I promise you!

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