Thursday, September 16, 2021

A Vanishing 'Success?'

So it would seem as we look about life in the days that are and the way that people treat 'relationships.'  However, we have found something just as beautiful and glorious as it was over 50 years ago...

The success that you behold
whenever you see me
is due the unfailing sacrifice
of a faithful wife that be!
That wife, with all her talents and
abilities, you see,
she is a gift from God Most High,
designed for only me!
He knew all that this man needed
as he aged along,
and formed her in a perfect package,
giving her a song!
The areas in which I lack,
in those same, she is so strong!
And He made it so that her great heart
unto me did belong!
Then He gave her to me as a gift,
over time, to be unwrapped,
therefore, making ME complete
and, in her, fully rapt!

The balance that my God conceives
between a man and wife,
most certainly we have discovered
here in this fleeting life!
She makes up for my shortcomings...
for her, I do the same;
and together we give all credit to
our God and His Great Name!

He knew what I was lacking,
he knew what was her need,
He joined us both together and,
each day, do we succeed!
And the love, the joy and the
by-products of 'accord,'
they bring glory to His Highness:
Jesus Christ our Lord!!

It is certainly the prayer of this man that you can say the same about your marriage.  It's NOT 50/50, it is 100/100!!  Continue to give each other your all and God Himself will see to it that you succeed!

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