Thursday, September 30, 2021

Everlasting Hope!

You turn on the morning news.  Same thing.  Different day.  And the same plight seems to affect every one of us.  Not one of us is immune from 'the daily grind.'  BUT GOD provides hope, assurance and relief as we cling to Him!

In panic or in peril,
in chaos or in calm,
in spite of word or action,
God holds us in His palm!
Life--it varies so each day,
even hour-by-hour;
but regardless what life contains,
HE still remains in power!

So belong to Him regardless!
He is and He will be!
No situation changes Him,
He is eternity!
And you can trust Him and depend,
regardless of the day;
for He is your security
in every single way!

So fear not!  Press on with purpose
knowing God's already there.
It matters not the 'who,' 'the what,'
it matters not the 'where!'
If you belong unto The One
Who knows but everything,
rest assured that, to His glory,
He, your soul, will bring! 

Once again, (or should I say 'still,') life happens in such a way that tries to throw us for a loop.  BUT GOD is fully aware and completely in control.  Not a leader...not a 'party...' not anything but God!  

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Where is TRUE wealth?

Happy.  Satisfied.  Content.  These are such wonderful things to enjoy!  There are, however, specific warnings about being 'content,' but that's not what I am referring to now.  I am merely glorifying God for His ability to keep His Own abundantly joyful!

I have enough that I can go and share.
I see too many others who just don't care!
I know that where I go and what I give
will minister to them and help them live.
Am I a millionaire with pockets deep?
No!  But what I sow I'll also reap!
These principles discuss we, He and I,
Jesus Christ, Son of God, God Most High.
We converse at length as we enjoy the view:
the rolling hills and forest--changing hue.
As He commands the autumn to advance,
a thousand trees begin to gently dance,
displaying, of the spectrum, warmer shades;
His long-established order as year fades.

Wealthy? Rich?  Yes...but not what MAN thinks!
With those words, oh too many miss the links!
And 'money' is not ALWAYS what some need;
we learn this more and more as, God, we heed!
Sometimes, the greatest gift to give is 'time.'
To 'listen' to another heart--THAT is quite prime!
'Wealthy,' of a truth, this writer surely be
in that God Himself walks and talks with me!
And THAT'S a wealth that, so freely, I can share
with any life, any situation or affair!
For it's a 'wealth' that cannot be earned or bought.
For only time with God Himself avails such lot!
And it's a 'wealth' that THIS world is starving for.
Therefore, each day, before I walk out that door,
I avail myself fully for Jesus' use.
Thus, at the end of the day, I am without excuse.

Each and every one of us has something that God has placed exclusively inside of us.  None of us be the same in His eyes, that's why He reaches us in so many ways.  That's why He uses so many different people in His service.  YOU are one of them.  I am one of them.  We are all ONE in HIM and, with each of us doing our part, we can ALL savor the happiness, satisfaction and contentment that matter most!

THE Power and Glory! day begins, God is already at it in the sights, the scents and the sounds.  I know, already, that He will be 'at it' when I leave the house to do that which He calls me to do.  First, though, I will enjoy His company and His creation...

His power and His glory-
they greet me as I rise.
His artistry and majesty
are written across the skies;
And His Presence is in front of me
as I open up His Word;
talk and fellowship, so
intimately is occurred.

Before the day begins, He says
"What can I do for you?"
As He is able to do that 
which no one else can do!
His works and His abilities
are oh so high above,
and done out of a balance of
His power and His love.

His power and the glory, oh,
begins the day.
For I know that He will be with me
each step along the way;
but, first thing is so special
in His Presence, one-on-one;
I treasure so because I know
all other will get done!

Yes, the power and the glory,
with me and on display
everywhere I cast mine eye
upon this glorious day!
Life awaits.  But Life is now!
All else can stay aside
as, in the holiness of morning,
God and I abide!

The power and the glory of God.  There is no other!  And He grants us that power and glory to get us through our day when we go to Him!  In the days that are, such is an absolute necessity!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

During and enduring!

The days that are get more and more busy.  You are aware of it.  I am aware of it.  And, praise God, HE is aware of it!  Therefore He provides points throughout the day for each of us to pause and savor His Presence...

Even when the noises drown
in the busyness of town,
or even in the solitude,
His great embrace, it does include!
For He includes us in His care.
His goodness and His blessings share!
It is a concord oh so rare
of which there's nothing to compare!

Yea, in this life and in this living,
so many gifts and blessings giving
is the Great and Loving God--
Him Who, our lives, does applaud!
His sees the deeds you take care of
without a motive, save pure love...
He sees what not another can,
and gives reward far more than man!

Yes, in the quiet, in the calm,
in the security of His palm
we rest, (when we can find time to,)
and, there, His touch, it does renew!
So work ye all as best you can
regardless of the view of man
knowing GOD is your Reward--
if Jesus Christ, He is your Lord!

The day is filled with so many things.  Some of us fill it with more than we should, but God adjures us to have balance.  Though such may not always be possible, His great care for us and His refreshment is like none other.
Know Jesus as Your Lord, and know that perfect balance availed through the hand of God!

Monday, September 27, 2021


I am the employer.  I will hire seven people today, give them a time to return for orientation, and be fortunate if three of them show up!!  It's been that way for over a year now!  WHAT HAPPENED?!  I watch the news and see the reports of people claiming that there are no jobs.  There are plenty of jobs around here, but no one WANTS to work!  I don't understand...

The heart of man, so evident,
though he may want it not!
For by the works and words of him,
one knows the true heart thought!
It only takes a moment with
some people for to know
if goodness be contained within,
and if they'll stay or go.

'Integrity' for to become,
(with every passing day,)
a trait that be so very rare
in them that come our way.
And those of us in leadership
must ever be aware
for to retain the 'quality'
of staff for which we care!

Take care, therefore, to seek the heart
of them you come to know.
I promise you that, by their works,
the heart itself will show!
A principle He focused on
back in His Living Word,
and a crucial key for
victory to be occurred!

As time goes by, it seems that 'integrity' and 'quality' become less and less a part of a person's makeup.  Just ask any employer you know, especially in the days that are.  
For it is all the more important for the Christian to display Christ-like behavior and work ethics that are above reproach!


Sunday, September 26, 2021

You just have to look!

Sunday afternoon.  The breeze is so gentle as I get my pen and pad and go outside.  As the birds sing, I take in the scenery and write as I am instructed...

The Father is so generous;

my God, He is so good!
He made this day so beautiful,
like not another could!
The majesty of everything
right now within the sight;
I thank Him as I walk with Him;
He says "It's My delight!"

The bright sun sets the trees aglow,
the trees of every kind...
the sky--it is so very blue,
with not a cloud to find...
and the mountains all around,
majestic and so clear;
exhibiting the spectrum wide,
imposing and austere!

Creator God, so generous
upon this afternoon,
presenting His Own handiwork
to make the viewer swoon
as He does but every day
out of abundant grace!
Look around YOU where YOU are
and so behold His face!

It is settled truth: one does not have to look very far to behold the glory of God!  From the majestic to the simple, His touch is evident everywhere.
What are YOU looking for?

Saturday, September 25, 2021


That name may not mean very much to many, but it means love, life and so much more to so many that it be impossible for man to count.  If you are one of those fortunate, join me in dedicating these words to her...

'Mother'--o the memories
evoked by that one word!
So very many precious thoughts
about events occurred!
NOW to mean not anything
because she has been gone?

NEVER!!  For 'mother,' she be precious
yet as the years go on!
And precious be the photographs,
the talents and the skills
that the priceless time with her,
but to this day, instills!

Compassion and integrity
I gleaned from her career
of a working mom and wife
year after year after year!
From housewife to a millionaire,
to caretaker of dad,
even to those final moments
on the phone we had!
'Mother' is a wealth of knowledge 
and experience
I yet take of and utilize
these far from thence!

'Mother,' she be on my heart
this evening as I write,
as God reminds me of so much
her passions did ignite!
And so I dedicate these words
to that so priceless gift
that countless folks knew as 'Ouita,'
MY mom--our hearts to lift!

This I DO know: Ouita touched more hearts than man can know, and her effect upon some of our lives will NEVER have an end!
"I love you, Mother!  We will see you again someday soon!
With all my heart, 
Love, Jimmy."


Friday, September 24, 2021

Glorious Performances!

The daily performance.  At any time of day, at any location you find yourself...IF you are paying attention!

Subtleties in silence?
No! No!  Just tune the ear!
The song of joy upon the wing
is easy for to hear!
They are singing as they gather
on branch and on the ground;
no artist be alive to
duplicate that wondrous sound!

Every time I walk this land
it is a different place!
He changes not--yet never is
the same due His great grace!
He's newer every day, He is,
and it is to our loss
if WE do not see something new
while working toward The Cross!

And this day there are little birds
of color I've not seen!
They dine upon the feeders, each
a shade of yellow-green!
And their song, it brings a song
out of the depths of me
as God and I walk ever slowly
'neath every kind of tree!

Subtle?  Maybe to some.  To others, unnoticed at all!  However, it is glorious and they have no idea the blessings that they are missing!  See and hear it for yourself, my friend.  A fresh performance each and every day, orchestrated by God Most High!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Life, it sings!

Stepping out into life at this moment.  Though early it is, life be already abuzz!  Discipline yourself, though, to meet with God before you any further!  For such will guarantee to make it a better day!

Though morning just now comes to light,
life already sings!
A song of all the newness that
each brilliant ray now brings!
For overnight they have restored
from my God's lone supply,
and now, so gradually revealed
to the fastened eye!

The rays, they waltz their way through limbs
and leaves so very lush,
illuminating glory on
the hustle and the hush;
and, narrating the happenings
so early in the dawn,
the choir on the wing about--
their song goes on and on!

How fortunate be them that catch
the sun upon the rise!
Surely, some of us be yet
so weary in the eyes.
But the sparkle and the glare,
along with His sweet voice,
assists us as we start a new day
in a land so choice!


For therein lies our strength: meeting with Creator God first thing in the morning.  It is the key to a successful day, and it is essential considering the times in which we live!


Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Keeping your word.  What significance does that have in YOUR life.  In this day and age, it would seem that it is not very high on some folks' list.  On GOD'S list, however, it holds quite a bit of importance!

You told me you would be here when
we spoke just days ago...
we laughed and cried and reminisced
about the years we know!
We've been there for each other as
a 'friendship' has us bound,
today is came and went...
YOU were nowhere around!

When we say "We need each other" it
could mean so many things;
most of all, the bond of support
that such 'presence' brings!
Today was quite important, yet
I stood there, quite alone;
I could have used your company
but I was on my own.

In this day and age, there are
so many ways to talk:
a call, an email or a text,
and yet you chose to balk?
Mine outreach went unanswered, save
the ones to God Most High;
He escorted me to that place
and He stayed with me nigh!

All these are words I hear from many
in the times that are.
We fill our days with so much that,
'friendships,' become afar!
"I'll visit you when I have time..."
the catchphrase of the day.
Even in a pandemic, there
must be a better way!

Keeping our word.  It is a true sign of being a child of God, but it has become so flippant of late!  Some of us say something just to appease someone.  THAT SHOULD NOT BE!!  Even God's Word says it is better NOT to give your word than to give your word and not follow through on it! 
When will we learn?


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

More Hiccups

' All set and ready to go.'  So we have been for almost a year with some legal things that must be taken care.  Then Covid hits...then a judge must recuse himself because I serve him lunch every day...then_______________, you name it.
BUT GOD knows the when and what will be, so that is what we MUST cling to!

Schedules are set in stone
when God's agenda stays,
but schedules get flexible
when man inserts his ways!
The days and times that are be busy,
and more so as time passes--
thus causing issues and elements,
and stress, it thus amasses!

BUT GOD, but God is in control
regardless of THIS life.
He is above confusion, yes,
He is above all strife;
and He can stabilize this life
regardless what 'man' does.
He is the God of what will be,
what is and that which was!

So give to Him YOUR schedule
and let His wise arrange!
He will see to your every move
REGARDLESS of the change!
He is all wise, and His great ways,
they are above our ways;
trust in Him completely, friend,
and He will cause you praise!

After being postponed for almost a year, we got our court date today to settle a matter.  We got there first thing this morning when we were told to.  We waited for a few hours, then our attorney told us it was going to be awhile, to come back at 1:00.  We did so...only to be informed that they could not get to our trial today, and he will update us about when they could.
Life is frustrating at times, but it is still worth living!  Situations and people may infuriate us, but we are STILL victorious, and we KNOW that God will see to it that this (and all other things,) get settled!

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Deadly Cycle

A very busy, intricate, and diverse world we live in.  To truly appreciate the glory of it, perhaps we must step back from our focus to obtain HIS 'bigger picture?'

Looking out across the land--
such glory set aglow;
it cloaks the vast activities
happening below!
Looking at the mass of people--
hard to tell apart--
almost impossible, as well,
to know what's in the heart.

The heart, however, is revealed
in deed.
And, in some cases, those contents
make other hearts to bleed!
The more advanced that life becomes,
the more 'advanced,' the heart?
'Why, then, oh Lord my God, do we
grow more and more apart?'

Why is my worth determined solely,
Lord, upon my 'race?'
Or on the color of my skin?
Have we abandoned 'grace?'
With every week that seems to pass,
the headlines grow more bold,
emphasizing truth that, hearts,
would seem to grow more cold!
Making strong the point that 
"I am better than you are,"
when God would have our 'attitudes'
the other way so far!!

Looking out across the land,
the colors harmonize,
providing awe and spectacle
unto the very eyes!
Why can't the same be true of us
as sister and as brother?
For in GOD'S economy, NO ONE
is better than another!

God's Economy.  Far greater, deeper and more valuable than we can fathom.  Yet, in His economy, we are all equal.  Why is that so hard for us to grasp in THIS life?  Too many people use too many factors as they assess one another.  We must unlearn THAT ritual to truly unlock all that God has for us!


Thursday, September 16, 2021

A Vanishing 'Success?'

So it would seem as we look about life in the days that are and the way that people treat 'relationships.'  However, we have found something just as beautiful and glorious as it was over 50 years ago...

The success that you behold
whenever you see me
is due the unfailing sacrifice
of a faithful wife that be!
That wife, with all her talents and
abilities, you see,
she is a gift from God Most High,
designed for only me!
He knew all that this man needed
as he aged along,
and formed her in a perfect package,
giving her a song!
The areas in which I lack,
in those same, she is so strong!
And He made it so that her great heart
unto me did belong!
Then He gave her to me as a gift,
over time, to be unwrapped,
therefore, making ME complete
and, in her, fully rapt!

The balance that my God conceives
between a man and wife,
most certainly we have discovered
here in this fleeting life!
She makes up for my shortcomings...
for her, I do the same;
and together we give all credit to
our God and His Great Name!

He knew what I was lacking,
he knew what was her need,
He joined us both together and,
each day, do we succeed!
And the love, the joy and the
by-products of 'accord,'
they bring glory to His Highness:
Jesus Christ our Lord!!

It is certainly the prayer of this man that you can say the same about your marriage.  It's NOT 50/50, it is 100/100!!  Continue to give each other your all and God Himself will see to it that you succeed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021


The morning is moving along.  I have a list of all that needs to get accomplished, and then...

The phone rings.  What do they want NOW?
I thought we settled this!
Should I answer?  The end of the game
I know that I will miss!
It's probably something they misplaced
or an unimportant query;
Whenever THEY call, to respond,
this man has become wary.
But then it hits me like a brick:
For God, He drops most anything
for such as me and you!
There's not a thing at all that He
won't listen to and respond,
and He desires that you and I
develop such a bond!
Regardless who it is or what
they want or they require,
in well-doing He desires
that we should NEVER tire!

"Be weary not in such," says He,
regardless who may call.
He will return a multitude
whenever we give our all!

Yes, that phone rings...the doorbell rings...we get a letter in the mail...even Holy Spirit spurs us on to do the good things that are expected of a Christian.  And doing such comes not without reward!  NEVER grow weary in well-doing,' says His Word.  For we are ASSURED that ALL that we do in His Name will not go unnoticed by Him, and recompense WILL BE eventually.  Keep pressing on, my brothers and sisters!


'TRULY Make us ONE, oh God!'

Comfortable.  We are comfortable with our faith, our church, our jobs and our homes.  Or is that 'comfort' just a fa├žade?  Hmm... 

"We are one in the bond of love..."

we have sung these words for years.
A heart's desire of the greatest...
a term that so endears!
So noble a desire, yes;
what benefits to reap!
And, in the eye of God Most High,
'tis a vow that ALL should keep!
But just how many truly WANT
for God to make us 'one?'
Just look at the destruction in
our lifetime that's been done!
We sing and say these words, but do
our DEEDS reflect the same?
For even some events of late
have fostered hate and shame!

'One in the bond of love' say I
as I stand on your neck?
'We are equal...' 'We are brothers...'
as I drive by your wreck!
'YOU have accomplished more!' say I
as I receive the prize...
all the while, tears are welling
in God the Father's eyes!

It's NOT the color of your skin,
it's the condition of MY heart!
It's NOT '...but we've grown up that way...'
for we can ALWAYS start!
And it's a CHOICE for to desire
'one in the bond of love!'
But it can only be obtained
through Christ within and above!!

"'The color of the skin--'
oh Father, make me blind
that, freedom from MY prejudices,
at last I truly find!"

Introspection is always painful.  Acknowledging shortcomings is not in our nature, but it is necessary!  And it is the first step to progress and victory.
Is there anything going on in YOUR heart that needs to be dealt with?  You'll never know TRUE peace until you do.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Once again, the tasks for the day have been accomplished...victoriously...thanks to God Most High!  I take the dogs out back and behold the relaxing glory of creation...

In the haze of afternoon
the quiet overtakes;
the songbirds even hush as I
look out across the lakes;
even in the eerie haze
it takes the breath away,
and the life of labors comes
to end for one more day.

Just the sound of gentle breeze
that whispers through the pines--
oh so faintly to the ear
it whistles and it whines;
a melody relaxing,
a hymn so very calm,
reassuring that this life
is in Creator's palm!

Hazy is the afternoon
with all of chores complete.
My Friend God and His creation,
peace and quiet, secrete!
Just our voices punctuate
the vastness that we see,
save the melody upon the wing

Yes, even in the haze that is aloft this afternoon, there is so much wonder and glory to behold!  I do so from the deck, out across the hills and valleys that He created for us by hand!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!

Monday, September 13, 2021

God's Provision

His provision.  Every time we expect it to come a certain way, He surprises us!  Every time I look for it to come from somewhere, it comes from somewhere else!  My faithful, UNPREDICTABLE God!

"Who could know the scope of Your provision?
How many of the sources can we name?
When we are looking for a certain bounty,
You find another source that we may claim!!
It really shouldn't be to us surprising,
as the truth remains: You own it all!
Oh, but ever-pleasant Your surprises
come to us as we carry out Your Call!"

A handshake somewhere in the day occurs
as I accomplish that which I'm assigned;
this time, though, the hand, it is not empty,
it contains a gift from Him as He's designed!
The amount, it ever is determined
by Powers that are greater than my own,
but it is ALWAYS what is necessary--
sometimes, even before the need is known!

Yes, His provision--it is always perfect.
We press on always, giving, trusting ever,
and KNOWING that said Source, Great God Almighty--
it is a flow that NOT A THING will sever!
Save to be grateful, praising Him unending,
regardless of the way that things appear.
For He will NEVER leave us or abandon;
now and forever is He always near!

God Provides.  I gave up years ago trying to figure out how.  Now, I relax and marvel at His ways of doing such!  Always faithful...yet never the same!  That's my Provider God!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Life so full!

Late afternoon out back.  I took care of what had to be done at the restaurant and then left it in capable hands.  Now, to relax and enjoy the show...

The chattering of squirrels on high-

they scurry tree-to-tree;
not even coming near the ground,
the dogs bark crazily!
They've figure out a way to go
across the property
just by going limb-to limb,
it is their liberty!
The dogs do not appreciate
the feeders all around
that I attempt to keep so full
so nourishment be found.
They fascinate with antics and
they entertain us so;
providing such a freedom show
that we have come to know!

Another day of simple pleasures
costing almost nil.
I will enjoy these gifts from God
but everyday until
I hear the call of their Creator
calling me above,
enjoying all of His creations
I've come to know and love!

Yes, enjoying His show of squirrels as the sun goes down.  Intermission be a dozen hummingbirds displaying their acrobatics!  All of it be narrated by the beautiful and diverse song of birds in the birdbaths and at the other feeders.
Life so simple.  Life so beautiful.  Life so full!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

NEVER 'Just a job!'

Day is done.  Success.  So very much went on today.  So very many folks encountered this man ever so briefly.  What did they see?  What did they hear?  Did it have any affect on them?  I KNOW the assurances I have!

Whispers play so gently with
the chimes out in the trees...
aromas from the blossoms, they
are carried in the breeze...
labor, once again, to cease
there in that special place;
others carry on the torch
as, afternoon, I face.
The gamut of emotion saw I
through my shift today,
but this I know: a glimpse of
Jesus Christ the Lord had they!
For He escorts me everywhere,
alive--within, without.
For no one that I saw today
can say they were without;
and now, it's up to each of them
to ponder and decide;
I pray my interaction with them
helps them to decide!
For I KNOW that Jesus was displayed
the very best I could
and, seeking Him as their own Savior,
pray I that they would!

God knows the heart--they know The Truth,
now each of them must choose.
And me?  Well, now I relax
so tomorrow He can use!

Thank God I have a job!  Thank God I have THE job that I have!  I have opportunity for several hours throughout the day to minister to people...whether they realize it or not!  I DO know, however, that God uses the words I use to reach others...even though some feel 'it's just a transaction!'


Friday, September 10, 2021


It's amazing how events of life affect our 'definitions' of what we have believed and clung to for so long.  THANK YOU to everyone that the following words pertain to...

The definition of 'hero,' 

it's been redefined at length:
references to bravery,
generosity and strength...
feats of super-humanness
may also come to mind...
yet, in the same, the meek and calm
we'd also come to find.
And ALL of these would tie together
marking a certain date,
a day that changed the course of life--
thus we commemorate
the 'HEROES' that awful day
of twenty years ago,
when COWARDICE caused headlines,
causing true heroes to show!
We saw heroes driving fire trucks
doing what they could...
we say heroes dressed in finest blues
trying to create 'good...'
we saw heroes wearing uniforms
answering the call...
and heroes manning hospitals
taking care of all!!

Yes, that 'yesterday' so long ago
so changed our ways of life!
It gave new definition to
the adage 'daily strife!'
And woke us to a new appreciation
for each other--
no longer 'blood' to be defining
who is 'sister,' who is 'brother!'
And greater to appreciate
any and all called 'friend!'
That day for to cement the fact
that, such ties, WILL NOT END!

A brand new way to look at life,
as so much death was seen.
A new awakening to God,
afar from mere 'routine!'
And still to keep appreciation
in the truest heart
of the freedoms that we enjoy,
and pray will not depart!

These words are for each and every one of us affected by 9/11.  Words of gratitude.  Words of solace.  Words of encouragement.  Words of hope.  Let not the cowardice acts of a handful taint the goodness that dwells inside the true heart, wherein lies greatness that has happened and greatness that is yet to be!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

That Place of Necessity!

Done for the day once again.  I know exactly where to go!  Sometimes, however, it doesn't wait until 'end of day.'  Them that be open to the moving of Holy Spirit know this truth!

Escaping to that wondrous place
where 'peace' is to abound.
After 'business' is wrapped up,
serenity is found!
It's not just a 'location,'
it isn't just a 'time,'
it is the Presence of the Lord--
moments oh so prime!
And it only takes my presence and
for Jesus Christ Himself to come
spend priceless time with me!
Not ever is the 'every day'
with His invitation;
always is it special with
His precious revelation!

That blest escape--wherever and
at any time at all.
God Most High avails it it unto
them that heed the Call!
Because He knows how necessary
be such time and place;
enjoy each moment of it. 
It's a product of His Grace!

Yes, that place and time with Jesus Christ is so necessary in each life in each day!  Make sure YOU avail yourself to Him when He calls.  It is beautiful.  It is rejuvenating.  It is life-changing!  DON'T MISS IT!


In The Mist

Fresh coffee.  Out underneath the roof on the deck.  The temperature is perfect...for now!  And the Company here is like no other...

So early in the mist
Three Presences exist!
And, yet, They All are One,
so perplexing everyone!
The Father, Son and Spirit
all join me now to hear it:
the coming storm and rain--
what spectacle to gain!

And as the storm takes shape
the senses are agape
at creation--it reacts,
so, with my Father, I relax
and learn,
His mighty Presence I discern!
I rearrange the day
while I hear Him and I pray!

The lands, with joy, cry out...
the trees, they dance about...
even the birds and fowl
flay their wings without a towel
taking His water in
as, so dry of late, it's been!
And creation, in all it's form,
rejoices in the early storm!

So early in the mist
Three Presences exist.
I fellowship with each One
as I rejoice with The Son!

Regardless of the kind of day it is, Jesus is available and on call to be with you!  Just speak out His Name and He will be right there, to go through whatever is going on in your life!


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Ah, That Perfect Love!!

The love of God.

It is a gift that that is greater than anything man or history can imagine.  And yet some still take it for granted...IF they even believe it at all!!  Trust me, friend, it is real.  It is necessary.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Ah Lord God, we celebrate You!
There is none like You!
None other matching Who You are...
now do what You can do!
You are so far superior,
yet You love such as we?!
Ah, Lord God, we revel in
Your love and majesty!

Jesus Christ, Almighty God,
One and only One!
Securing our security,
You say "It is done!"
None other with abilities
to meet the needs we know...
none other with the kind of gifts
that, freely, You bestow!

None other--only God alone
with unfettered love!
You even loved each one of us
before we had knowledge of!"
Loved by Him above all else--
so fortunate we be!
Take of His love in grace, my friend,
while 'choice' remains so free!!

"Yea, Lord God, we celebrate You,
no one else at all!
Grateful and so fortunate we
to receive Your Call!
Press on we then with such assurance
that we are Your Own!
Yea, may Your love so emanate that,
by others, it be known!!"

No man knows the time, the day, the hour that this incredible offer will be be rescinded!  Take of His love right now, my friend!  It will be a decision that you will NEVER regret!  I promise you!

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Compassionate King!

Ahh...finally.  Time to spend with God Most High.  Life interrupted us earlier, but right now there is perfect peace, and I know Who to call on!

Subtleties in silence

without the winds before.
There be no sounds that would detract
from what I've come here for.
The Presence of Creator God
fills this majestic place;
I look back on today's assignments
as I seek His face.
Along with all that did get done
He filled my heart with joy!
He also gave compassion tools
that I put in employ.
And He so gave a vast amount
of love for me to give--
that most precious element
that ALL souls need to live!

He knew that I would need those gifts
for this most busy place!
But at THIS time, I need His love,
affection and His face!
Our daily meeting is essential
for success to be,
and for the peace and comforting
to fill the man that's me!

And, in the subtleties of right now,
all of these abound!
Even when the silence is,
His voice is all around!
Our conversation is pure life
in all that's going on!
I treasure so this time with Him
before the day is gone!

Time with Jesus Christ alone.  Some would argue it should be the first thing you do upon rising.  Sometimes, the telephone starts the day BEFORE you arise, and you get going as fast as you can.  I am so thankful to belong to a God Who understands that, and escorts you through the day anyway!

Friday, September 3, 2021

The View Anew

No matter what day it matter where life is happening, God is fully involved.  Blessed are those who realize this and recognize Him! 

Looking at creation

from the secret place;
beholding His great artwork
anew and filled with grace!
The silence of this holy place
with oh so much in sight,
so captivates the eyes and fills
the heart with great delight!

The vistas and the valleys...
majestic peaks afar...
the animals...the clear, blue sky,
so glorious they are!
And God beholds them with me as
we visit and converse--
He is the mighty Maker of
this massive universe!
Too, He is the listener
to each and every care
that may be on my heart as He
encourages me to share!
The One Who's higher, greater than
whatever be in life
desires input from me, be it
ecstasy or strife!

Yes, that's the Living God I know--
He's with me all the time.
For He creates the days that are
and makes each one sublime!
Even those that some may choose
to not recall at all;
yea, the Maker, He's a Friend of mine
and, ever, is on call!

Always with me.  Always creating something new to behold.  Always taking care of that which is going on in this life--loving, Father God!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Greater than 'time!'

So is God as we tarry in this world.  The splendor and the glory of His creation is set before us to enjoy as we get done what we must, but He is already waiting with us at the end of those tasks.  Can YOU understand this?!

The splendor and the glory of
the morning as it breaks!
I catch a glimpse of it in scurry
and I hit the brakes!
What is pressing is not so
I cannot stop and see;
I do so for a moment as
He stops and welcomes me!
He knows how many tasks and deeds
that I have on the slate,
but, if I make the time for Him,
He helps--He is so great!
Already, He's tomorrow from now
with me in sweet devotion!
Already, this days' jobs are done,
and He sees my promotion!

Almighty God, with brush in hand,
creating one more day,
stops momentarily to hear
what this man has to say!
Who am I, that I deserve
such elevated place?
I am no more than YOU, my friend,
He does this out of GRACE!

Because He is immune from time, He already knows the successes of tomorrow and is ready to celebrate with us!  Are YOU set for such?  You can be if you are born again!  For His ways and His times are far greater than those of this world and, belonging to Him, you can have His confidence at all times!


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Look for Him!

The speed of life.  All of us are fully involved in it, and I know some that are quite fed up with it!  It IS a "ME! ME! ME!" world we live in, but if we shift focus just a tad, there is a quite beautiful place to behold!

The spectacle and awe of Jesus
all throughout the day!
He's always here, but He leaves 'proof'
somewhere along the way!
One never knows the 'time' of such
or form that it may take,
oh, but every time it happens it
is a most welcome break!!

It may happen as those mighty peaks
reach out and catch the eye...
it may happen when that 'macho' person
helps some little guy...
it may happen when that one in line
pays someone else's bill...
it happens constantly and,
when it's noticed, it's a thrill!!

Yes, the spectacle and awe of Jesus
as we go along.
It turns our heads awhile away
from everything that's wrong
and minds us that, here in THIS place,
there yet be plenty 'good!'
Oh keep your eyes out for The Lord--
come close to YOU, He could!

Yes, this life is busy, this life is noisy, this life can be rough, but this life also contains a constancy of The Presence of God!  What are YOU busy looking for?