Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Whenever Day Begins

Starting out, I take my coffee out on the porch and look around at life.  I have learned the value of this time to take note of what's happening and prepare myself for the day.  It is a priceless time!

Once again, a tapestry begins,
as God Creator sees the land and grins.
The colors He would choose this day to use
contrast against infinity of blues!
So gentle be the season on the land
amidst the opportunities at hand.
I have opportune to visit God Most High
as He makes all of life intensify!
Especially 'creation' on this day,
as season-tide begins to slowly sway.
I will enjoy it for long as I can,
as, months from now, be 'chilling' to this man!
But not right now; the weather is still hot,
and several hours has this person got
to enjoy his Father and creation--
the Three of Us, we have a great relation!

The chores and the assignments will get done,
and success will come from each and every one;
and TRUE SUCCESS is right now, in His care,
and even later, as He's with me everywhere!

True successes.  They are available each and every day.  Some just take more effort to achieve, BUT GOD is there, each step of the way, all day long!  Make sure you take time to enjoy His Presence, though, before you set out to do what you do...whatever time of day that starts!


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