Thursday, August 12, 2021

Today's View

The day off from labor once again.  Many, however, have not such luxury, so let me try to describe what I can see for you out the window...

The sun shines brightly as the breeze
would make to dance the stately trees;
and, though the heat may halt events,
NOTHING, the awe of sights, prevents!
It's beheld right now behind the glass.
This evening, when the heat is past,
out on the deck we'll savor sights,
and thank God for all of His delights!
For He dispenses them at will.
And them that notice get the thrill 
of visions that are only made
by Him and, by His voice, displayed!

So very many shades of green...
the richest blues above each scene...
the whitest billows to the north,
from whence, much later, rain comes forth!
Also, the rainbow on the wing,
fly by and, merrily, they sing
an endless sonnet, glorifying
Creator God Who keeps them flying!

Another priceless summer day
before the eyes upon display
for anyone who makes the time
to realize it in its prime!
Time well spent, the writer knows
and tries to capture it in prose 
that might relate it unto all
who may not have such wherewithal!

Yes, while many toil and grind and take care of what MUST be done, God is busy manufacturing glorious views and vistas for the fortunate few to take in.  It is the purpose of this pen to capture such and relate them to all, that they may not go unnoticed!
I hope you enjoyed today's view!


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