Thursday, August 26, 2021

Take Time to Observe!

Looking around.  Once again.  Observing the glory of God's creation while I have some time to.  So refreshing.  So wonderful to behold the works of His hands!

The landscape--live, vivacious--
so colorful, alive!
Because of God Almighty
every living thing to thrive!!
Life--for it is VERY good,
in spite of life itself!
Another priceless memory
to place upon the shelf...
But not before it is enjoyed
each moment, high and low;
so stop, ye afternoon, that I
can take it in real slow!

"O Father, thank You for the glories
of the afternoon!
I know You will not make it stay,
and it will go too soon.
And as You here enjoy with it me,
every sight and sound;
I know I'll get its fulness as
You cause it to abound!
And I will have Your perfect peace
as we here converse!
Your Presence is about me in
whatever universe!
For You are Omnipresent God
winter, summer, fall or spring;
no matter what, You give us cause
to sing, so deeply sing!!"

Yes, sing out to God in the glory of His Majesty!  HE IS WORTHY!  No matter what is going on the world, He is aware of it.  He will take care of it.  Turn it over to Him and savor the glory of His creation once in a while!!

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