Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Spectacle!

The priceless opportunity to be in fellowship with God again!  Does it matter where?  Does it matter what we're doing?  Hmm....

Sunday morning sanctuary,
listening to praise.
This time, the rush of many waters
voice each verse and phrase!
A tributary of the Norfork
runs before our feet;
on the Sabbath, 'neath the canopy
of many oaks we meet!

Clearly is His Presence in
the shades and gentle wind.
He brought us here again so peace
at HIS pace would descend!
Nothing of the day about
to hinder or distract,
even the heat of summertime
He motioned to retract!

The rushing of the river
generates a soothing breeze
below the limbs and colors of
the canopy of trees.
The fishers and the fishermen,
they practice 'cat-and-mouse'
in this paradise so far
away from work and house.

Yes, Sunday morning sanctuary--
only HE provides.
Away from every stress and any
issue that divides!
So necessary is this time,
and God, He knew it well!
He made this moment of repose
to see that we excel!

Yes, we missed church.  Or did we?  God was definitely present in that place.  We distinctly heard His voice, and we savored fellowship one with another in the glory of His creation!


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