Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Successful Start

First thing.  Another day.  Another opportunity to serve Him and behold the mighty works of His hand.  Therefore, HE gets the first of all...

The Orchestrator is at work
as I begin the day.
I take my coffee outside and
behold His grand display!
The members of the orchestra
are practicing their tune,
as the 'house lights' raise, I know
performance will be soon!

The sweetest symphony begins
with those upon the wing;
brighter now, more voices join,
The deer to join the audience
from somewhere very stealth;
all that witness such performance
will obtain great wealth!!!

The Maestro looks around and muses
"It is very good!
The glory of the morning, it is
going as it should!"

And blessed so richly each one in
attendance on this day,
as God, the Mighty Orchestrator
starts the day HIS way!

I KNOW that I know that success will follow every time I start the day this way.  No 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts' about it!  It is settled truth!  And there is no other way I would prefer!

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