Saturday, August 28, 2021


Last night, I forgot to lock the front door when we went to bed.  Thank God that there are a few places left on this earth where you can still sleep at night knowing that!

You give to me a modest home
with all amenities.
Cars...computers...'earthly things...'
I'm grateful for all these!
But greater, Lord, You instill
a certain 'peace of mind'
that, in not a thing that's 'of this world'
we could ever find!
The peace and calm that YOU provide
cannot be bought or sold!
Truth be known, that, by not even
poets, can be told!
It is a sweet assurance that,
whatever comes our way,
we are secure inside Your palm,
settled--come what may!

Another peaceful day inside
a little country town...
but That Peace, it is availed
but ANYWHERE around!
As long as you belong to Him
and He resides inside,
anywhere and everywhere,
secure may you abide!

Can you lay your head on your pillow at night without going over a checklist of what it will take for you to get a good night's sleep?  You can!  Just give your heart to Jesus and KNOW that He is in complete control...and He is watching over you without end!


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