Saturday, August 14, 2021


Ahh...finally, all is finished for the day.  And success was enjoyed...and still is!  Just look out there across the mighty landscape that HE created...

The silence of a Saturday
when everything is done!
Enjoying it with God Most High--
the One and only ONE!
With not a breeze at all to stir
the surface of the lake,
a long, relaxing look at it
but slowly I to take!
But 'stillness' isn't everywhere--
the hummingbirds are busy!
They use the feeders at a rate
that would make one so dizzy!
Darting at each other and then
lighting for a taste...
so very fortunate are we
so witnessing the chased!

And, past the lake, above the hills,
the thunderheads amass.
Late this night or early morning,
overhead, they'll pass;
freshening the air and feeding
everything with 'living'
with the precious, glory rain
that they will be giving!

Afternoon...after work...
the coolness and the calm,
it is availed straight from
God Creator's mighty palm!
For He is glorified as time
appears to stop at all!
The silence of a Saturday
that God creates to fall!

Enjoy that silence while the 'busyness' is not busy at all!  Such times are precious jewels placed by God strategically along the be found by His faithful!


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