Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Perfect Vision

Vision.  So much of this life depends upon it!  But Whose vision are you trusting most?  There is a sight that is far greater than ours, and His eyes will not ever let you get hurt!

I cannot see the future...
I know it is not here!
But this I know: that, if I leap,
the net, it will appear!
He has His eye upon me,
the order of each move;
and, moving ever-forward,
this life, it will improve!

Though I can't see in front of me,
I am not 'flying blind.'
He sees ahead...He sees below...
each side and that behind;
and His vision--it is perfect,
though I must use my own,
and, as I do so trusting Him,
success--it will be known!

Is YOUR vision hindered?
Does there seem to be a 'fog?'
Press on, depending on His lead,
you can avoid the 'bog!'
And you can have the peace in knowing
God has got the lead;
do not stop moving forward, as
it's God's voice that you heed!

The sight of God.  It is far more dependable than mine, and His lead is so great!  TRUST HIM!  You'll never regret it!

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